The REAL Kray Twins

Those were the real gangster twins. Ronnie Kray and Reggie Kray. Years before the movie came out in 2015 with Tom Hardy.

By looking at them, they are just brothers that look alike. But if you mess with them, they will mess you back badly.

Before going to jail, this photo was taken in an interview on TV that they had. And the very first. They talked about their lives, how they became gangsters, and how they together, ruled London, England.

There were mentioned in the news years later in March of 1995, and October of 2000, right after they died years apart. White beautiful flowers were given to them, on the day of their funerals. And remain to be buried together in Chingford, Mount Cemetary.

So while anime fans were mostly into “Digimon: The Movie”, in the autumn of 2000, their legend ended. But thanks to a TV special episode, and that movie with Tom Hardy, it does really make sense. Especially some books that authors wrote, two years after the 2015 movie came.

They looked really good in that photo, on that day of their interview in the 1960’s. And they deserved to rule London, England as gangster brothers.

Patamon: “London, England? In the UK? Why there?”

Willis: “I don’t know. But we’d rather be on a new TV channel than YTV, Teletoon, and the rest of those North American TV channels”

Sylvester’s spoiled brat: “I’ve heard about it, but I won’t go there and like it”

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