Zoolander (2001)

I prefer this movie, than that shitty sequel that didn’t do very well in theatres that I hear.

My brothers were into role modelling a while ago, and they looked very good looking. One of my brothers did a UK commercial that made him win $1,000 in cash. And to tell you the truth, they were what I like to call, them ‘Zoolander Brothers’, thanks to this movie.

Ben Stiller portrayed as Derek Zoolander. A famous fashion role model, and he was hilarious! Along with Ben Stiller, are his dad Jerry Stiller, Owen Wilson, his brother Andrew Wilson, Jon Voight, Vince Vaughn, Christine Taylor, David Bowie as himself, and Will Ferrell, as the most hideous, disgraceful, disgusting, and despicable villain that you have ever laid your eyes on. He was also worse with that white poodle pooch that he kept.

Brainwashed by that villain, he had to find a way to stop an assassination that he was ordered to follow, and solve a mystery in role modelling, and fashion.

And before you know, he did it. Especially when he used his psychic powers to stop a swinging blade.

I was pleased on how Ben Stiller was hilarious as Derek Zoolander. So for the sake of Paramount Pictures, I give this movie filmed in 2001, 8/10 stars. Success!

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