Karin: Chibi Vampire (anime TV series)

Like “Vampire Knight” and “Ouran High School Host Club”, based on a manga book series, this can be another anime TV series to watch over Halloween. And this has better vampires than the ones in “Hotel Transylvania”.

A family of vampires moved to Tokyo, Japan as their lives are different. They love having blood, but one of the vampire family members is different. She doesn’t suck blood from humans. She gives blood to humans. But when her body overheats, she has a nosebleed so huge, you’ll be surprised.

Her name is Karin Maaka. And she does like being out at daytime. But can be embarrassed for she might reveal herself on what she really is. And what accidents and mistakes she can cause. Especially in high school. Although I feel sorry for her, but I’m glad that as a kind un-vampire, she did good deeds throughout this anime TV show. To her family and friends, and how two boys were fighting over her. One of them was a vampire hunter.

And I don’t think she’s really embarrassing at all as a different vampire. She’s kind, beautiful, and reminds me of Yuki from ‘Vampire Knight’.

So for a success and to watch this over Halloween in October, 10/10 stars. And Karin Maaka, you’re not an embarrassment at all. You’re a success.

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