Chobits (anime TV series from CLAMP)

Here are some things you need to know, when you’re 15 or a few years of age.

1. When you are living own your own, you’re responsible for yourself on living in a new home. Let’s say an apartment for example. Therefore, you need to know on paying the rent, the electric bill, phone bill, water, heat, groceries, laundry, and that sort of stuff. And to keep going with your life, you need work. A pay job you’re interested in. Depending on how the government can be. And jobs also.

2. Computer androids haven’t been invented yet. But in a matter of years, they will be. A sign of artificial intelligence, to how robots as computers can be manufactured. Just as long as they don’t malfunction too much. Or what you do to them.


3. With those two together, you’re responsible on computer androids and your life. To the age of a new era.

Which was why this happened that became a success. Based on the manga books by CLAMP that did “Cardcaptors”, they did this that you should know. When you’re on your own, and when you are dealing with a computer android.

A rowdy country boy, didn’t get himself accepted into college. And do get more education, he had no choice but to head for a special school in Tokyo, Japan. And at the age of a new era, android computers known as ‘persocom’s‘ were new. Android computers.

He found one abandoned on trash bags. He reactivated it, but the problem was, as a she, this computer android was suffering from amnesia. She had no recollection of who she is, or who made her.

It took a long time to make her know things, but was able to work as a baker girl in Tokyo. Pretty neat really.

Along with him to sort things in life are a neighbor friend, a girl who works with him at his job, a teacher also, the manager of the apartment homes, and a computer genius. He also owns four android computers as his maids.

It maybe annoying on a tiny girl ‘persocom’ who does these excersises, and how that rowdy country boy loves to become a pervert, but we do have to be aware of artificial intelligence. Cause since I saw that movie, “A.I.- Artificial Intellegence”, some android computers can really admire you for life.

In that movie, “A.I.- Artificial Intellegence”, some robots were programmed to love. Believe me, but you do not want those robotic androids. 

In “Chobits”, they are much better. And after a successful conclusion, I give this almost 10/10 stars. Straight ‘A’ is alright with me. The annoying part was the little computer android being loud with these excersises. 

But this one here, serious and how she tells the truth, she reminds me of another anime character I know of…

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