YTV- Hamtaro Contest

Right before YTV Canada, cancelled this anime TV show, and did their Olympic Hamtaro TV special, they had this contest that I remember on. 

By the Heinz soup company, they made Hamtaro soup specials, and a contest that a lucky winner can get onto thanks to YTV. 

The winner who wins that contest, will receive Hamtaro prizes. Plush dolls, the figures with that clubhouse, a few Hamtaro video games, and a ‘Big Fun Party Mix’ CD. And maybe, some of those DVD/VHS tapes for watching some episodes. But by the DVD/VHS company, like how they did to “Spider Riders”, they only made like six volumes. Never got to episode 24, ‘Hamtaro, Please Come Home’ and other rare episodes. But it was worth of doing it. 

“Spider Riders” unfortunately, with their DVD volume’s, they never completed the entire series. All the way to episode 52. They only had 7 episodes each, on only five volume DVDs. So if I were a DVD manufacturer, I would make the right DVDs with the right episodes. 

Although the winner of that contest deserved those Hamtaro prizes in Canada long ago, but I shall never forgive YTV and Teletoon today. For what they did that can be wrong to anime fans all over Canada. Cancelling their anime TV shows, while leaving some of them incomplete. 

I didn’t compete in this contest long ago, but years later, I was lucky enough to buy some of the Hamtaro plush dolls and the figures at the Ottawa Geek Market and throughout Kijiji Canada. Lucky me. 

And I’m telling you, YTV and Teletoon long ago, had the very best anime TV shows of all time. Anime movies also before everything changed. And I said to myself here… “Who says or agrees that anime is the best as always?”. 

Cause this here, is proof from the glory days I’m telling you. YTV and Teletoon today…are bullshit with their crap. 

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