The Founder

‘Super Size Me’ turns out to be the worst documentary movie in history, when they fear on what McDonald’s, that fast food joint business could do. But in this movie here, comes the origin of how it was born.

The McDonalds brothers, Dick and Mac, born on a farm in the U.S. wanted to get into movie business. Unfortunately, the Crash of 1929 ruined everything and started the Great Depression. So instead, they got into fast food business.

From opening up their location, planning out their kitchens, and how their speed system works, they make your food fast in 30 seconds. They did that in one location: San Bernadino, USA.

And instead of waitresses bringing your food to your car, you just get up in the car, go to the cash, order your food, and it’ll be nicely done. Easy as pie.

That was when a founder came in, and changed everything for the good of business in North America. In 1954, a traveling salesman wanted to sell milkshake mixers. But when he loved everything for what the brothers did, he wanted to help.

So by building a massive empire, he built many locations all over the America. Before the 1960’s came onto them. In this true trustworthy story of business, this has Michael Keaton, Laura Dern, Nick Offerman, John Carroll Lynch, and Patrick Wilson. And by the end of it, they made the most biggest fast food joint in the world. Years before everything changed, that I do not want to like on, here in North America.

That is how their origin story is, in fast food history in America.

But never in the history of McDonalds, had ever did a McChicken/Filet o Fish/Bacon and Egg Bagel eating contest. And the first man to finish those, will win a cash prize. Less or basically, $10,000.00.

Like for what happened in “Meatballs”, “Beethoven’s 2nd”, “Meet Dave”, and a bit from “Beerfest”, this can be a great idea. But never end up like for what happened in “Stand By Me”. Cause that blueberry barf-o-rama, turns out to be hysterical, while many people deserved it. But only one made it out okay in which he did it. For a little payback.

So for a pass, 8/10 stars. And you will really love this. Especially when you do business class in high school or college. So bring this in as an example, and hopefully your teacher will accept this.

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