Top 10 Deadliest Aliens in film history

You’ve saw many movies with extraterrestrials. All from space, and they care for one purpose, and one purpose only: unleash hell on Earth.

Since the 1950’s, they showed famous sci-fi’s that made movie history. Such as “The Day the Earth Stood Still”, “Earth VS the Flying Saucers”, “50 Million Miles to Earth”, “War of the Worlds”, and more. I trust on some of those guys than the ones that are bullshit.

But here in this top 10 list, these are the ones that made movie history forever.

10. The Massive Blob- ‘The Blob’ (1958/1988). Fallen to Earth in a meteorite from outer space, this gelatinous mass can feed itself by touching a human, and devour that person alive. It’s only weakness, freezing temperatures. And it can be pissed off if someone threw a bomb at it. The way it comes to you, it can make you piss you pants a lot. For how one human is being devoured by this oozing alien.

9. Prawns- ‘District 9’. Alien refugees in search of humanitarian aid, travelled to South Africa to find them. And some resources too. Basically some to fix up their massive ship. Living in a district to keep humans out, they do not want to spread toxic gases that could affect them. That was why a battle was on by using to defeat those ugly critters.

8. Cooper- ‘Super 8’. Bigger than what Four Arms was in “Ben 10”, this bad boy was captured in the 1950’s by the U.S. Air Force. By taking apart it’s ship, he vowed revenge on the humans. Until after that massive train crash, he didn’t stop until his ship was built again. Also, he wanted revenge on the USAF Colonel. With razor strong teeth, no toes, no feet, telepathic abilities, and four arms, he’ll rip your guts if you are ever using an M16A1 assault rifle.

7. Saucer Men- “Earth VS the Flying Saucers”. Psychic than ever before, they walk like robots and humans, but they can disintegrate U.S. army soldiers in just a few seconds. By controlling the UFO’s, attacking major cities in the USA, they were to exterminate every single human being. And have mind control on them to those that are captured alive. By their appearance, they are just robots. But by removing the helmet, a very old face like if they are 80 years of age.

6. Harvesters- “Independance Day’ series. These deadly extraterrestrials wearing hard armor, slimy tentacles, and have psychic abilities can definitely cause annihilation on Earth. By using their spacecraft, and plasma technology, they can wipe out a major city off of the face of the Earth. Especially when they drill to the Earth’s core, and bring life to an end on Earth. Not only they are hard to outsmart them, but their queen can be very clever like her minions.

5. Sil- ‘Species’. With alien DNA combined with human DNA, it made a reproductive alien in disguised as a human female. With telepathic abilities, fast self healing, long tongues, strong, ugly as an alien, but sexy in its true form, she wanted to find a male mate so she can reproduce. Make a lot of alien hybrid babies…fast. So this is one you wouldn’t be dating on.

4. The Predators- (Predator series). By collecting skulls as trophies, and skin a human alive, these trophy hunters can do a game hunt. On humans. By using plasma shoulder cannons, thermal vision, wrist blades, invisibility, and deadly traps, they will make sure to take out your spinal cord along with your skull as a bonus prize.

3. The Shapeshifter- ‘The Thing’ (1982). This transforming alien life form can transform anything it touches. A human or a dog, it will remain silent until it transforms again to something or someone different. And by dividing it into two parts, this alien species can outsmart humans, as well as killing some members silent but deadly. What came to this, was that spider head.

2. Mimics- ‘Edge of Tomorrow’. From a Japanese manga to how they really are, they can come in different types. Drones and Alpha’s. With sharp pikes on their tentacles, black acidic blood, they can be reborn by the Omega. The central intelligence of these alien species, as it can reset time from the day they died in battle. That was how this alien race made that massive beach battle, in which it was very destructive for the human soldiers to attack on. And no human soldier ever made it to the other side.

1. Xenomorph- “Alien” trilogy. Made by Swiss artist H.R. Giger, this became number 1#. With acid blood, twin jaws, several dozen teeth, a blade tip tail, and a armoured exoskeleton, they can be born in a victims body when they are impregnated by a face hugger. They can crawl on any surface, and make sure to find more humans to use as hosts. More importantly, their alien queen is much deadlier than you ever imagine. Especially when you are messing up her hive, her eggsac, and the entire egg chamber. Also, there are new ones that can not only burst from a human chest, but from the back and throats of a human which is really gross. They are called Neomorphs.

“Perfect organism”

-Ash in his dying words, portrayed by Ian Holm.

Do you agree with my top 10 list?

They not only scared the living shit out of viewers who are watching those movies, but made movie history besides any shitty movie that can have a lot of extraterrestrials that we do not trust on.

And if any alien hunter like Michael Biehn, or Michael Madsen, or Danny McBride, or Michael Fassbender, or Tom Cruise, or Emily Blunt, or Liam Hemsworth, or Will Smith, or Jeff Goldblum can go on an alien hunting trip, they will be a natural extraterrestrial killer. Or as in the words of Bill Paxton as a Colonial Marine in 1986…

“That’s it man! It’s game over man! Game over!”

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