Ghost in the Shell (Live action 2017)

Besides “A.I.- Artificial Intelligence”, “THX-1138”, “Blade Runner”, “Blade Runner 2049”, “Bicentennial Man”, the “Robocop” and “Terminator” movies, “Looper”, “The Six Million Dollar Man”, “Transcendence”, and more, this can show on how humans can be better when they have cybernetic parts.

More importantly, this is based on those manga books and those anime movies that they’ve been talking about. At anime conventions, poster sales, Comic Con and etc.

Scarlett Johansson portrayed as who was once was Mokoto. And as Mokoto, she ran away from home when she was little. In the futuristic city of Tokyo, Japan. And with runaway kids, they were kidnapped by members of a corporation. Years later, they were dead. Except for her, in which as a policewoman, and after getting killed an accident, she was rebuilt as an robot.

Her brain and organs were removed by wise scientists, and made her more advanced than how Robocop was in the 2014 remake. With the ability to become invisible, hack into security, take on bad guys and everything, she had to figure out on what went wrong with that corporation on building robots.

I will watch those anime movies of “Ghost in the Shell” someday. And perhaps give them 10/10 stars. Right now, I’ll give this 9/10 stars.

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