Evangelion 3.33: You Can (Not) Redo

This is my first anime movie review on one the Evangelion movies. This occurred after the events of “Evangelion 2.0: You Can Not Redo”.

For what happened in the 2nd movie, made a massive wipeout as one of the pilots was knocked out cold. The male pilot while the three female pilots were still alive. And in this anime movie, this shows the appearance of Asuska’s eyepatch since she lost her eye on her last assignment.

With Asuka like that as a bad ass, she can kick your asses, and make sure you wipe off that piss on your hairy ballsacs.

Mari here however, she is just sexy as a kitty girl.

Fighting against deadly Angels, years after the Third Impact, they are into some changes before the attack at their Arctic base occurred. More importantly, you should’ve seen the bloody water in the Arctic was, for how things got serious in “Evangelion”.

For the male pilot, he couldn’t believe for what occurred after that. They were almost no more Evangelion units to use. And everyone who almost knew him, they really hate him. Cause for what he did perhaps in the 2nd movie.

But after saving the world again, from the Fourth Impact, chaos was almost unleashed. Hell on Earth. And for that male pilot, for what he had done, he never made a sound.

“Evangelion 3.0 + 1.0” won’t be out for months. And I still need to get into those other Evangelion movies. And how Asuska lost her eye. But I’ll review it. For this here as a success, 10/10 stars. Pretty bloody and really dramatic. But more will come in the final chapter…

つづく… (Tsudzuku…)

To Be Continued…

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