Digimon Adventure tri: Reunion

Ever since there was a 15th anniversary to Digimon, this came along. A new adventure that is a sequel to Digimon Adventure and Digimon Adventure 02. From Toei Animation, they did six parts. This is Part I. And I can assure to you, this won’t be like “History of the World, Part I” by director/actor Mel Brooks.

The Digidestined, Tai, Kari, Sora, Mimi, Izzy, Joe, Matt and T.K., have been dealing with serious times in high school. Until mysterious power outages and blackouts begin to occur. Infected Digimon, going from the Digital World to our world, they caused havok. One titan Digimon in fact, was targeting a new Digidestined. A transfer girl student with a cat Digimon named Meicoomon. However luckily, they saved her just in time.

In the city, from to the airport to the giant ferris wheel, they were to find out thanks to their Digimon that returned. Agumon, Biyomon, Gatomon, Palmon, Gabumon, Tentomon, Patamon, and Gomamon. More importantly, the way that they transform, pretty looks interesting and different. Didn’t noticed that in the TV series.

It was amazing that they came in this reunion movie. This first part is only the beginning. They’ll be more to find out pretty soon. Especially for what can occur in Part II, Part III, Part IV, Part V and Part VI.

For a success, a straight ‘A’. 10/10 stars. And this will come pretty soon to a successful conclusion.

つづく… (Tsudzuku…)

To Be Continued… 

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