Mobile Suit Gundam (original version)

In the early days of anime in Japan, this was like the original ‘Speed Racer’ TV show before this was in English in 2001.

Between Earth and space, colonizing on other worlds can be like for what happened in the ‘Halo’ universe. But in a matter of years into the future, it may happen. However if you’re at war, using robotic armour can be the answer to your problems.

In a war between the Earth Federation and a Zeon enemy, they were at war for months in this rebellion.

  img_1979 img_1978
Intergalactic pilots, mostly children, were the next in line to go to war against to what they fear the most.

One of them, using robotic armour, was to use that kind of weapon, and knowing on how to control it. For a moment throughout some of these 43 episodes, he would’ve been in court martialed.

Like what actor and Vietnam War veteran Dale Dye would try to warn us, whenever he is in those Vietnam War movies.

With the voice talents of Michael Lindsay, Kristie Marsden, Richard Ian Cox, and etc, they risked their lives to be in robotic armour, starships and fighter ships so that this Earth shall never be burnt to a cinder. How’s that to know ever since you saw those original ‘Planet of the Apes’ movies?

In its original anime for how artists did in the first generations, ‘Mobile Suit Gundam’, was only the beginning. So for a pass, 7 1/3 out of 10 stars.

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