Yoko Nogiwa (1936-2017)


This Japanese actress not only had a short career in TV and movies, but was married to someone very famous in Japan. In which her husband and her daughter worked for Quentin Tarantino on “Kill Bill: Volume 1”.


Sonny Chiba. For he was in those ‘Street Fighter’ movies, and was Hattori Hanzo in the ‘Kill Bill’ volumes. He was shown in Vol. 1, and was mentioned in Vol. 2. When they were trying to bring that ‘roaring rampage of revenge’ to a successful conclusion.

In her early life, she was born in 1936 in Toyoma, Japan. She grew up in Suginami, Tokyo from three years of age. And survived the final days of WWII in Japan. She had a normal life until she graduated from Rikkyo University.

In 1973, she was married to Sonny Chiba and co-starred with him in the TV series, ‘Key Hunter’. From two movies and two TV more TV shows, she and Chiba had a daughter together in 1975. Juri Manase. And they were amazing together for many years.

In 1994, she and Chiba were divorced. However in 2003 when director Quentin Tarantino came into Japan, and was inspired by Japanese culture, Chiba and her daughter were hired by him. That made a surprise to her.

Sonny Chiba was Hattori Hanzo, and Juri Manase was one of the Crazy 88 members who got killed by the bride. Played by Uma Thurman. That made a success, as well as “Kill Bill: Volume 2” later on.

On June 13th, 2017 years later, she died of old age I believe. Yoko wanted to have normal life, but I was glad that she was Sonny Chiba’s wife. And she must’ve been proud of Sonny Chiba, for what occurred in 2003. And her daughter too. Quentin Tarantino’s roaring rampage of revenge saga in two volumes.

R.I.P. Yoko Nogiwa. You’ve had a wonderful life as an Japanese actress.

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