The Great Wall (2017)

There is a reason on why the Great Wall of China was built, as it became one of the 7 wonders of the world. Cause this took 1700 years to build, and it is 5500 miles long.

Matt Damon, and Willem Dafoe are the only two stars I know in this movie. During the Song Dynasty in Ancient China, two European mercenaries were looking for gunpowder, but was taken in by many armies of China to be at the Great Wall. On the other side, is a horde of Tao Tei. Green monsters with razor teeth like a drill in their mouths, as they feast on humans, dead or alive. There have been mostly warriors as well as bodyguards, that are muscular and powerful than rhinos that protect the one who controls the herd. A Tao Tei Queen. And like a flood, they wash away every human before them. They in fact, invaded Peking and almost killed the emperor in less than 55 days.

They can be so deadly, they would rip you to pieces in just 2 seconds. And feed their queen with your flesh and guts. However, they can be knocked out by a magnetic rock that the mercenaries found. Both magnet rocks and gunpowder were the most powerful things that they found during the Song Dynasty. For they were used together to wipe out the Tao Tei, and especially killing their queen.

The Tao Tei were never seen again when the war was over, from that moment on. And for centuries, China made statues of them, on what they once look like.

So for other movies on what they told on the Great Wall of China, forget all that. Especially “The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor”. The Song Dynasty was all on war against these monsters. But in the late Quing Dynasty, all at peace.

For a success, 8 1/2 out of 10 stars.

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