Hokusai the artist, and Miss Hokusai

Hokusai. A brilliant Japanese artist as he is always very wise. Before he did his ‘Great Wave off Kanagawa’. Sometimes her daughter Miss Hokusai, thinks he can be clumsy really. But I think, both he and Miss Hokusai, were brilliant artists that I ever saw to believe. 

Thanks to this anime masterpiece, “Miss Hokusai”, from Production I.G., I now trust Japanese art today.

And throughout that anime movie, while Hokusai believes in art, ghostly spirits that maybe real, and Japanese dragons, Miss Hokusai was like a true mother to her younger sister, when she was born blind.

Not only this anime movie was nominated at the Awards of the Japanese Academy for Best Animated Film, but like that anime movie “The Boy and the Beast”, this was a runner up to the Academy Awards in North America. But never made it in. Only “The Red Turtle” and “When Marnie Was There” made it in when they lost the award for Best Animated Feature. The same for “Kubo and the Two Strings”. 

While painting and drawing, they never clean up their art messes, and never cook for themselves. Not especially for people who come over. Cause in the summer of 1814, in Edo, Japan before that place was called Tokyo, everything was different. Centuries ago. And how art appreciates them. 

The same for Ming Miao, this character from a TV episode of “Sagwa, the Chinese Siamese Cat”. In which art in Asia, is beautiful. 

And whenever something ruins to their artwork, like Stanley Kubrick that famous film director before he lived, they would have to start over again. Until they get it right. 

These characters from “Sagwa the Chinese Siamese Cat” too when they paint for fun, and work for the Magistrate on scrolls. 

So Hokusai and her daughter Miss Hokusai, they are brilliant and extraordinary artists. For they made art history, as art in Japan, is beautiful. And I always dream of Miss Hokusai and her blind younger sister every night. 

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