Miss Hokusai


You probably recognize this as ‘The Great Wave off Kanagawa’. Popular in Japan, as this made art history. The artist who did that, is him.


Hokusai. Very wise and brilliant, he did artwork in his entire life. Such as painting on a big sheet of paper, painting small birds on a small grain of rice, the sand too, believing in spirits that can be real such as dragons, and just paint until he finds it well done.


Her daughter, Miss Hokusai keeps an eye on him, as they do a lot of painting. However, what was important the most for her, was her blind younger sister. Born blind, she was like a mother to her. Protecting her from what may come, she is always at her side.

And when I looked at their artwork, the dragons were extraordinary. Some of their artwork may have been worse at first, but then they find a different way.

When this extraordinary anime masterpiece ended, it has stated that Hokusai died at the age of 90. What about Miss Hokusai? She married a kind young man, until she remained with her mother at home. And for where they live, Edo, Japan, became now as Tokyo, Japan.

For a success, from Production I.G., on this extraordinary masterpiece, 10/10 stars. ‘A+’.

And every night, whenever I sleep in my own bed, I always dream of Miss Hokusai and her blind younger sister. Happy together. To be there with them, as their samurai warrior. Protecting them from any enemy that threatens them. On the ones I do not appreciate the most in Hollywood. And I always remember these words as a warning:

“Anime is the best as always such as these extraordinary characters. Leave here now, and live. Or stay, and face your destiny”.

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