La La Land

Ryan Goshling and Emma Stone became very famous in this Oscar winning movie, that ALMOST won Best Picture. This movie only won six Oscar awards, and seven Golden Globe Awards. In fact, I give this 8 out of 10 stars.

In Los Angeles, California, everyone has a taste in music as well as for how things were glory in the 1940’s. For what famous movies were back then, as they talk about it throughout the movie. They also, did some songs from the 1980’s.

By the time an actress and a piano player fell in love together, they went through changes. They never gave up their hopes, and followed their dreams. But when they met again, five years later, they knew that they had a romantic thrill of a lifetime.

This was amazing and better than any musical movie in the world. Especially some animated musicals that weren’t very splendid. This is number 1#. And when you are falling in love with someone, I’d be aware of what you might go into.

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