Enemy at the Gates (2001)

Before Jude Law was Gigolo Joe in “A.I. Artificial Intellegence”, this was the movie he got into first in 2001. He, Ron Perlman, Ed Harris, Rachel Weisz, and Joseph Fiennes were in this. 

In the autumn of 1942, during Second World War, the battle of Stalingrad was massive as the actual city was in ruins. The Soviets never gave up when the German forces surrendered. And that was all thanks to a Soviet sharpshooter before Chris Kyle. But before that, he had to face a German sniper who’s an Nazi military officer first. 

Soviet sharpshooters did their best in fighting, as some were killed by the German forces including the Nazi sniper. Most of the ones who were killed by the Nazi sniper officer were his friends. 

But in the end, payback is what he wanted by shooting him in the head. At a local train yard in Stalingrad. And more importantly, Jude Law became the 1# top movie sniper of them all. In your face Bradley Cooper! Jude Law is legendary as that Soviet sharpshooter. 

For a pass, 8/10 stars on this sniper showdown in Stalingrad. 

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  1. I remember this movie. Very intense!😎


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