The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

Time travel can sometimes be a mysterious power. In those movies we know, they have been invented by scientists. And to the way it is, time travel hasn’t been invented yet. But in a matter of years, it will be.

However, in this anime movie, it can happen to change one persons life. A young teenager in a Tokyo high school, was able to play baseball with her friends as she meets her aunt at the Tokyo National Museum. Who happens to be an art restorer.

By the time she hit her head on an object, that made her containing time power. By going backwards in time to the next day, she would make sure the day is correct as well as how people can end up in the future. Without causing some mayhem and accidents, for that may happen. Like getting run over by a train at a local crossing. Especially when you are having biking brake problems.

It all seemed okay to her, but she had to fix something between herself and the closest friends she had ever had in her life. And when everything was fixed again, she no more time leaping. She made a decision for her own future.

So for a success, 10/10 stars here. ‘A++” here.

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