Spartacus (1960)

From director Stanley Kubrick, this movie that he did with Kirk Douglas won four Academy Awards, as well as a Golden Globe award. Didn’t won Best Picture, as Stanley Kubrick didn’t get full credit. But was mentioned really before getting famous. 

During the Roman Empire, a gladiator slave was able to free other slaves as they made it to freedom. They fought many battles against the Roman Empire, as many Roman Empire soldiers were killed. They were to escape Italy and away from Rome, but got into a pickle when the Roman Empire outsmarted Spartacus and his entire gladiators. Caesar’s general wanted him so bad, he’d be crucified alive. 

So in a final conflict which made motion picture history, was the epic battle one last time. And how many gladiators called out his name. Then they were to be crucified alive. Not the way Jesus Christ died and tortured badly by the Roman Empire, but just tied to a crucifixion pole. 

So for a pass, 7/10 stars. Long movie as it can be 3 1/2 hours. 

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