Battle of Vimy Ridge- WWI 100th anniversary

Sunday, April 9th, 2017 shows a normal day for people. With the church bells ringing, as the sun is shining before the grey clouds roll in. But on that day, shows an 100th anniversary. For Canada’s history, on how they were in WWI. April 9th, 1917 was how Canada’s soldiers fought in the biggest battle that they ever were in. The Battle of Vimy Ridge. And now, comes it’s 100th anniversary on that event.

Vimy Ridge in 1917, was devestating. With the First World War going on for three years before 1918, it was chaos. America got into the war on April 6th, 1917 after the Lusitania sank a while ago. But while they were other battles, Canada was getting into the biggest battle. To take on Vimy Ridge. 

Both Canada and the UK worked together to face the German Empire in Vimy Ridge. At early dawn until victory, artillery cannons fired, as tanks came charging towards the battlefield. As for the men in the trenches, they charged forward towards No Man’s Land, avoiding barbed wire, as the Canadian machine gunners open fired. 

Fighting against the Germans, this battle went on for three days until April 12th, 1917. Some of the Canadian soldiers during this battle, had to dig tunnels from underneath the ground. They also wrote their names on the rocks and stones, so they won’t forget for what they had did. And who had fought and died. Some of that were seen on the History Channel a century later. 

On April 12th, 1917, the battle was won by the allies. 4,000 German soldiers were captured, as 7,004 Canadian and U.K. troops were were wounded. 3,598 were dead that they fought and died on. And not only that, four Canadian Corps members were awarded the Victoria Cross. The highest award medal in WWI that they did on Vimy Ridge. 

After that big battle, everything began to change. Cause after the war was over, the Canadians never forgot for what they did on Vimy Ridge. Which is why they built that big monument that we all know of. The Canadian National Vimy Memorial. 

And on April 9th, comes Vimy Ridge Day. A day to commemorate the deaths and casualties of members of the Canadian Corps. That has the names of the men who had fought and died in the battle of Vimy Ridge.

When that monument was revealed in 1936, everyone was there. U.K. King Edward VIII, and Canadian Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie King. Until as a surprise, came the new dictator to Germany. Adolf Hitler. Before he went out of his mind and declared the Second World War in late 1939. 

Canadians never forgot that monument at all. Even on Remembrance Day. So by celebrating its 100th anniversary, very old Canadian war veterans and Canada’s men and women in the military service, travelled from Canada to the Vimy Ridge memorial, wearing their military uniforms for celebrations. To honour the dead that they fought 100 years ago. In fact, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was there along with Prince Charles and his two sons. 

Every Canadian came from Canada to the Vimy Ridge memorial to celebrate that anniversary event, as well as the Canadian Mounties, and its aboriginal people too. Some in the audience knew their grandfathers that were once in that battle. 

With artillery cannons firing on that Sunday afternoon, replica biplanes that look like the ones from WWI, flew over the monument to recreate the flypass on that day when the monument was revealed in 1936. 

With military boots filled with poppies, they mentioned about John McCrae’s poem of “Flander’s Fields”. 

During the celebration, Justin Trudeau and Prince Charles said very powerful speeches as they shall never forget for what happened 100 years ago. And back in Canada in all of its provinces, they were at their war memorials celebrating the dead. By giving wreaths and gunfire by Canada’s marines, they gave out salutes also. 

Canada never forgot for what happened in Vimy Ridge. For that was the biggest battle in WWI history. And as they celebrated it’s 100th anniversary on April 9th, 2017, they always remember for how Canada was in WWI, 100 years ago. 

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