Probe 16 car- Clockwork Orange

Toyota, Ram, Missan, and all those car companies in the world. We get their TV commercials, we get their ads and flyers in our junk mail, as we get it already. On buying new cars that people might agree on. But there is one car that is legendary. The Probe 16.

IMG_1207 IMG_1208IMG_1209

A sports car that two people can ride in. And it’s just any sports car. It’s a legendary one. In May 2015, that came to Ottawa Comic Con. And everyone they knew that car. Besides the one from ‘Back to the Future’. Why’d you ask?

In 1971, that was in Stanley Kubrick’s ultra violent movie, “A Clockwork Orange”. Malcolm McDowell was at Ottawa ComicCon for sure, as every fan were glad to see him in person. They even did a movie premiere of that Kubrick classic. Every Ottawa Comic Con fan saw that movie on that very big Saturday night. And they both loved him and that car.

For what happened in 1971, when Kubrick did that movie, Malcolm McDowell and his actor friends really loved that car. As Kubrick appreciated their good acting. Cause in the movie, after beating up Billy boy and his five droogs, Alex, Georgie, Pete and Dim took a car rental, (which is this) as they drove very fast to the English country side.

During the driving of this automobile, Alex and his droogs would fit right in perfectly, they would scream and cheer very loud, while driving fast. Alex does the driving, as they love the riding.

They were the kings of the road on that very night, before everything changed in that movie. So if you are willing to buy a sports car, I would prefer this legendary car here. Only used in Europe like how lorries are. A hot rod like that can easily run over a cartoon character on purpose, by these drivers. Killing one character in just one swift.

The same for this car, that was the very first.

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