Patriots Day (2017 movie)

April 15th, 2013 was when the Boston Marathon was on. Unfortunately, the bombing occurred. 3-4 people were dead, as thousands lost their legs and limbs. It was because of two mad bombers that were Muslims. Both 20 year old brothers, as they had the helping hand of three college friends. They didn’t care. They just did it.

So for a few days, a massive search was on until they found them. One they captured, as the older brother who was mentally an asshole, was run over, taken to the hospital and was at last, dead. In the aftermath, many victims were interviewed as they told about what happened, and how they lost their limbs.

For the FBI, they found those three college friends, as well as that bombers wife. She would refuse to say anything if there are anymore bombs. And of course, never let her daughter leave. But as for that 2nd bomber, he was sent to a maximum prison, and was sentenced to death row. Death by lethal injection. In fact, that bombers wife, and those three college bomber friends should be sentenced to death row also. Death by lethal injection. To face that, or a gunfire by firing squad.

Four years later after that happened, this movie came out in 2017. With Mark Whalberg, John Goodman, Kevin Bacon, J.K. Simmons, and Michelle Monaghan. Heart-pounding with lots of suspense, and how you would hate those mad bombers, that wife and college friends, you would be as mad a Quentin Tarantino. For the way he rehearsed with Steve Buscemi in his very first movie, that I ever dislike. That if you ever call those Muslim mad bombers, that wife and college friends with bad names. Like the ‘n’ word we do not want to say to African-American people.

7 and 1/3 out of 10 stars on this heart pounding movie. And the way you should’ve seen Mark Whalberg traumatized, he for sure saw horror of a war when those people in the audience got badly injured after those bombs went off. And for the way the audience were bleeding badly, and how they lost their legs and foots, they got f***ed up for life. But in the aftermath, they pulled through as they were strong enough. Which is they trust on being ‘Boston Strong’ to make it out alive.

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