20th anniversary of Pokémon (In Japan)

Pokémon GO, the Pokémon video games on GameBoy, the anime TV series, movies and more, all created by the creators of Pokémon. Including him.

Satoshi Tajiri. The creator to all on Pokémon. He is the source as he always had been. Cause when he was into game development in the 1980’s, he wanted to create something big. In which he did in 1990. “Pokémon: Red and Blue”, the video game on GameBoy from Nintendo. That made a big hit, as then began the TV series in Japan in the late 90’s.

On April 1st, 1997 was when “Pokémon”, that anime TV show was premiered in Japan. As Satoshi Tajiri named that character after himself. And a rival against him after a friend he knew in his life.  Before their names were changed to Ash Ketchum and Gary Oak in North America.

And in that first episode that began this series, “Pokémon: I Choose You!” was this. Ash Ketchum, a 10 year old boy in Pallet Town with his mom, Delia Ketchum. Living in a Pokémon world, he made a vow on that very day. A vow so serious, so big and so unbroken, he would never give up on this. He vowed that he would become a Pokémon master. The greatest Pokémon master of all time. To be the very best, like how no one ever was.

He was such a big fan and a big dreamer, he definitely wanted to become a master. But his dreams lead to a mistake that he did by accident, that made him late. To have his very first Pokémon from Prof. Oak. All he ever got as his first Pokémon, was Pikachu. The electric Pokémon.

Together, after leaving Pallet Town, he and Pikachu got into an accident that they’ll never forget, for as long as they live. Almost getting killed by a flock of Spearow’s as Pikachu saved him. From those nasty bird Pokémon.

They got wiped out together, by that electric blast that Pikachu gave. And on that very morning, before entering another city, they saw Ho-Oh.

The legendary bird Pokémon. Covered in gold, flying slowly, it flew over a rainbow on that very morning.

That was how Ash and Pikachu, became good friends, as they always have been. With new companions, friends and everything, they were happy together for many years.

But as more and more Pokémon came, by the creators including Satoshi Tajiri himself, it seemed to be getting good. However, hard times came. After “Diamond and Pearl”, people have experienced that Ash’s quest had went on for decades. Ash Ketchum was obsessed on Pokémon so much, he didn’t care. Against Team Rocket, legendary Pokémon, enemies and so on and so forth, all this became like a never ending story, as it has to come an end. By Satoshi Tajiri himself, when he creates Ash to become a Pokémon master.

But with a movie to the 20th anniversary episode on that, everyone had knew that this began in Japan on that day 20 years ago. And more of all, Ash has always been 10 years of age, as he wants to stay forever young. Bummer for us fans, but he has to change when this completely ends.

And with some acting good in that series, but some out of control, this has been only good for the little kids who are starting to love this, and how changes happened to this series.

But soon, one day after ‘Sun and Moon’ or more, this will definitely come to an end on that anime TV series. Ever since this began on April 1st, 1997.

So today is the 20th anniversary, to that anime TV series in Japan, on that “Pokémon: I Choose You” episode that began all this. And as for the English episode version, that happened on Sept. 8th, 1998 when it was premiered all across North America. So next year, the English version on that 20th anniversary to this here.

And as for what I experienced everything, it has been good for fans who were young including me that watched this in the late 90’s as well as the early 2000’s. Before “Diamond and Pearl” happened. But as more and more fans seemed to love this, we grew older later on. We are old timers today, but we definitely want this to end anyway. But we’ll never forget the moments we saw, and this that began everything.

And finally, Ash and Pikachu? If you can hear me, I wish you guys a happy 20th anniversary that began everything here. From Japan to North America, I can’t wait to see that this will end very soon.

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