The Tale of Princess Kaguya (A Japanese folk tale)

There are many tales and stories for how people are, when they are either born on Earth, or born on the Moon. Not aliens, but for how many humans can be in their civilizations, and mystical worlds for how they can be. Which is why this Japanese folkloric tale, can show how one lady must appreciate on. And thanks to a Studio Ghibli masterpiece, and two anime movies related to that, it all makes sense.

Long ago, in Ancient Japan, an old bamboo cutter found three things hidden in a tree, in a bamboo forest. Clothing, gold coins, and an infant, at the size of his thumb. So by taking that stuff, he showed them to his wife. But for what they loved on more than anything in the entire world, was that infant, which is a baby girl. After that tiny infant grew to the size of a real infant, they raised her very well. Like how a real mother and father would do.

Years have passed, as they named her daughter, Kaguya. And she loved being in the countryside with her friends. But by the time her parents were very rich, they moved from the country, to the capitol. And they were like a king and queen, living in a big neighborhood. With their little princess at their side.

As five princes, ask for marriage on Princess Kaguya, she gave them a task. To find mystical objects, as to one who makes it first, will marry her. But they cheated as they never married her at all. So she stayed single. The Emperor of Japan wanted to marry her, but she refused. In fact, she had a secret that she couldn’t handle.

Her secret, was that she, Princess Kaguya, is a human…born on the Moon. She came from the Moon to learn how living on Earth can really be to her. But when her people from the Moon Kingdom, want her back immediately, she had to return very soon.

Her parents were very sad to see her leave, when it was time. The Moon Kingdom people found her, took her, and left the Earth when they erased her memories. Kaguya while leaving, loved the Earth as she said goodbye to her foster parents. And took a look at the Earth in tears one last time. Her parents were in tears too when they said goodbye also. Then they ill for a while, after her departure. By the time they got better, went onto a new life, back in the country from where they came.

Princess Kaguya, who came from the Moon and was born on Earth, loved on how her life there, was really meant for her.

Many centuries have passed, as this was told throughout those years. In Japan, and throughout the world. That was when years later, they made only a few movies of her. Two in anime that I trust on.

In the late 1990’s, when “Sailor Moon S the Movie: Hearts In Ice” showed, that legend of her was mentioned in that anime movie. When the astronomer would believe, Princess Kaguya was real. And how her legend was really meant for him on Earth. Unfortunately, a snow queen named Princess Snow Kaguya, took the name out of that legend, and began to freeze the entire Earth. That was when Sailor Moon, and the Sailor Scouts were to stop her. But as in a special way, they made their black cat Luna, to become a human for a short while. So Luna as a human, pretended to be Princess Kaguya as she carried the astronomer with her. By flying across the Earth, that astronomer will never forget that moment for as long as he lives.

It was the same again, for “InuYasha the Movie 2: The Castle Beyond the Looking Glass” in 2004. When they mentioned her legend, as a villain took her name as her real name for a demon lady. Especially when she was controlling a mirror/glass castle.

Those two anime movies, have mentioned her name and legend, as those are related to her. In 2013, came her real tale, thanks to Studio Ghibli. In fact, that was Isao Takahata’s very final masterpiece, before his retirement.

Nominated for an Academy Award for Best Animated Feature in the Oscars, that anime movie showed her folk tale as it was a very emotional masterpiece that I appreciate on. I know it sure was too bad, it never won that Oscar award, for Best Animated Feature. But Isao Takahata would deserve that Oscar award anyway. He was so fond into that story, he loved it. With great art skills, and how he did it, it all makes sense to the tale of Princess Kaguya. GKids in fact, chose a really good US cast by making the English of it. And how it’s still a masterpiece to this day.

Kaguya really wanted to live on Earth a little longer, but she had to leave for her old home, which is the Moon. And how her people need her. Doesn’t really mean she and her people are aliens. They just live in a Moon Kingdom that no one has ever seen before. And assure to you one thing. Kaguya loves both the Moon and how life on Earth can be. And how this really meant for her. Especially when she misses her foster parents very much. But her parents never forget her. They just missed her a lot really.

And in conclusion, this Japanese folk tale shall never be forgotten. The same for Isao Takahata’s farewell masterpiece before his retirement. On how he really loved that story, and made into that a masterpiece. For that was very emotional, and with splendid artwork that I thank him very much on.

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