Godzilla (1954 Japanese original)

Not the 1956 version of “Godzilla”, cause that’s “Godzilla: King of the Monsters”. But this right here, is the Japanese original. The very first.

Spoken in only Japanese, but with English subtitles, this is the very first original Japanese movie of Godzilla. The king of the monsters.

Nuclear radiation from an atomic bomb, unleashed this behemoth from the sea, from it’s long centuries-old sleep. And by running amok, by sea and by land, Godzilla destroyed everything in his path. By attacking Tokyo a few times, he crushed a train by his big feet, used his heat breath to take down giant power lines, using his atomic breath to attack many buildings, as well as using his teeth and long tail, to chew on power lines, and push away suspension bridges. Tokyo was in ruins for what he did. The Japanese military used everything they did. Artillery cannons, tanks, jets, machine guns and everything. Neither of them worked.

However, by a special Japanese eye-patched scientist, he made the ultimate weapon. He sacrificed himself to risk everything, as Godzilla was defeated in the sea. You can tell by the bones for how big his skeleton was.

So I’m giving this 10/10 stars.

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