The different types of Skull Island in the “King Kong” movies

This is the original Skull Island in the 1933 classic movie, of “King Kong”. The very original when Morgan Freeman saw this, when he was 6 years of age.


In the 70’s version, there wasn’t any map of that place. But right here, is the 3rd version of Skull Island, in the 2005 movie of “King Kong”, directed by Peter Jackson.

Skull Island Map

And finally, the 2017 version of Skull Island in “Kong: Skull Island”.


Out of those three that I found, it makes a good difference. The first two are just long lost islands, deep in the fog, as the 2017 version here, looks like a skull to me. However, it can be deep behind some raging storms. That no sailor can ever get to. As for the 1933 version, the way it is called ‘Skull Island’ is because of the mountain, that looks like a skull. That is how they named it. The 2005 version was called ‘Skull Island’ was because of many skulls all around, that many people and creatures died on that island. And you should’ve seen the skulls that were in the 2017 version of that place, which is why they called it ‘Skull Island’.

Finally, in all versions including the 70’s versions, they can have it’s killer creatures. Dinosaurs, raptors, gigantic anaconda’s, the V-Rex’s, killer crocodiles, gigantic bugs, dino birds, a T-Rex, daddy long-legs, skull crawlers, a squid, water buffaloes, and Kong himself.

And not only that place is dangerous, but there can be one issue. On those maps, for it’s all true, there is a wall. The massive wall that the natives built, to keep away from the dangers of that place. And how they worship Kong as a god to them. Especially when they make sacrifices to give Kong for what he wants. A human bride.

kongvh4 Skull_Islander  king-kong-natives  Skull_Islander_(Kong_Skull_Island)SonfoKongNatives

But for the way they are, horrifying and don’t care. Not even one bit. Which is why if they were all caught, one punishment that they would face like how we did in the 17th century.

taken away African_Slavery_Facts_Roots_2 Slavery_Question_1 01936_2004_001_pr birthmark

African slavery. Like how they ended up long ago. That is how we should do to those horrifying natives.


For the way that these natives are in those Kong movies, they would be captured, and taken away. As they are to be tortured, whipped, and they would no longer belong to the island. But belong to very powerful men like how our ancestors were. For the way they showed us, on what was wrong and what was right. In hard labor, working their asses off, and if some were caught in trouble, death by firing squad. Native children too. Mostly on both Africans and Asian natives like these guys are.

That would happen in a new Kong movie, after Kong would destroy a native village, and kill many islanders. But if there were any survivors, slavery it would be to them. Captured, and brutally tortured.

kong-compare-top-superJumbo-v2 PIC-28_PLANESKong_plane1_jpg kong76b600px-76kong32

And as for Kong, the 8th wonder of the world? It would take a whole army like how they are, to take on a gigantic ape beast. And for skull island? Nuclear capabilities by wiping out all life on that skull island. And make that island no longer be a part of the map, on this world. No matter how different that place is. In any version or so forth.

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