Top 10 Prison Movies

Ever since “Get Hard” with Kevin Hart and Will Ferrell, showed on how to get ready to prison, you definitely want to make sure on getting ready for it. And I give here, the countdown to these top 10 prison movies.

Other prison movies such as “Alien 3” and “Big Stan”, not included. Even for those quick prison scenes on “Clockwork Orange”, “The Man in the Iron Mask” with Leonardo DiCaprio, and “The Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult”. Not included also.

10. “Escape Plan”. Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger together, were both inmates to escape in this prison movie. On a massive ship, in the middle of sea, all of those doors and walls were made out of bulletproof and unbreakable glass. So, when a Harry Houdini escape artist and an inmate were to escape, they had to find a way out together. By going through the guards, and somewhere in the ventilation shafts, they didn’t stop until they made it out. But they found out later, that this was a set up. So they found out on who done it, as they got into a new path together. In fact, this was the third movie Sylvester and Arnold were together, since the first two “Expendable” movies.

9. “Papillon”. Steve McQueen and Dustin Hoffman together were in this movie, based on the best selling autobiography of Henri Charrière. Two inmates in a penal colony in French Guiana, as they together tried to escape prison many times. But have ended up in solitary confinement. Steve McQueen was tough, but he had splendid ideas. Even for Dustin Hoffman also. Until finally, after a long time, he outsmarted the entire prison by drifting himself out to sea. He made it to freedom, as Louis Dega, portrayed by Dustin Hoffman saw him again when he did his autobiography. Both were in freedom until their deaths in 1975. This movie was just so long, and so good, this was nominated for an Oscar. For Best Music, Original Dramatic Score by Jerry Goldsmith. Even in the Golden Globe Awards also, when this was nominated for Best Actor in a Motion Picture Drama on Steve McQueen.

8. “Sleepers”. Brad Pitt, Billy Crudup, Kevin Bacon, Robert De Niro, and Dustin Hoffman (again), were in this also, when bad boys should be very careful of themselves. In this prison movie, based on the book by Lorenzo Carcaterra, four boys in Hell’s Kitchen, New York, USA were the best pals. They go to church, play dirty and become so bad, they love it. But when they did a prank, their lives began to turn. When they accidentally killed a man by pushing a hot dog vendor, they were sentenced to 18 months in a prison upstate. Robert De Niro as a kind priest watched them leave, as they left. Kevin Bacon as a prison guard, was so bad and so cruel, he began to beat the shit out of those four boys. Prison such as that place, can change your life forever. Cause after that, two of those boys became hit men, as the other two became a district attorney, and a newspaper writer. They began to take revenge like “The Count of Monte Cristo” as they were after that prison guard. The one who was portrayed by Kevin Bacon. And like “Papillon”, this was nominated for an Oscar also. Best Music, Original Dramatic Score for John Williams.

7. The Longest Yard (Both versions). Between the 1974 version and the 2005 version, it tells a good one. About a football star who got drunk one night, as he crashed his girlfriends car. By going to prison, that football star got f***ed up for life there. But as a proposal, the inmates would challenge the warden’s guards to a football game. It was the best idea they ever did in prison history. Many stars as inmates were in the football game in both versions. Bury Reynolds, Adam Sandler, Chris Rock, James Hampton, Tracey Morgan, Terry Crews, Rob Schneider, Richard Kiel, and more. Both versions were so good, they were nominated. The 1974 version was nominated for an Oscar award for Best Film Editing, but never won it. Also, in the Golden Globe Awards, this was nominated for four more Golden Globe Awards, including for Best Motion Picture-Comedy or Musical. The 2005 version was only nominated for two awards in the MTV Movie Awards. But never won any of them.

6. “Escape from Alcatraz”. Clint Eastwood, from those Western movies he did, was really famous also in this prison movie. Based on the actual true story, he was Frank Lee Morris who planned to escape Alcatraz. With Patrick McGoohan as the warden, he was aware of what might happen in Alcatraz. But for Frank, he ran into the Anglin Brothers. Fred Ward before he was in “Tremors” with Kevin Bacon, he was John Anglin as Clarence Anglin was portrayed by Jack Thibeau. And together with Frank, they had to escape Alcatraz by digging their way through the air shafts. Before that, they made dummy heads. So that the guards will know that they are sleeping in their cells. So they escaped Alcatraz, as a massive search was on the next morning. But when they disappeared, Alcatraz was shut down in less than a year later. That showed for what really happened in prison history.

5. “Runaway Train”. Nominated for 3 Academy Awards, including Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor, this can show you on how your freedom can go awry. Deep in the snowy mountains of Alaska, two friends escaped from rotten old prison to get away from a mean warden. They escaped together, by going through the sewage pipes. And by battling the elements, they didn’t stop until they got onto four diesel locomotives. They were free, but their train to freedom was out of control. They had to avoid the police from going back to prison, as their train to freedom became a fight for their lives. But this can really show you, how trains should be mended first on their brakes, before one becomes a runaway.

4. “The Green Mile”. Nominated for four Academy Awards including Best Picture, Michael Clarke Duncan was a true John Coffey before his heart attack on September 2012. Based on the novel by Stephen King, he as John Coffey was convicted for murder on a farmer’s family. On two young daughters. He was sent to prison, on death row. Death by electric chair. And when he got there, he befriended two of the inmates, as well as the prison guards. Portrayed by Tom Hanks, David Morse, Barry Pepper, and two more who were very nice to him. They even found out he had healing powers. Also, he can sense a person being scorched on execution. So, in his days as John Coffey, he was able to take away those diseases. Such as a urinating problem on Paul Edgecomb, as well as the warden’s wife when she was dying. That worked very well. However later, he had to pay the price for what he had done wrong really. Which came to the sad part of the movie, to his execution. With no black hood covering his head, wired up to the chair, he gave his farewell and ‘thank you’ to the guards, as he was electrocuted.

3. “The Count of Monte Cristo”. Based on the book by Alexander Dumas, in this 2002 movie adaption, a kind sailor was betrayed by someone who was jealous of him. And by going to a massive prison, somewhere outside of France, he spent 8 years there. Around the time when Napoleon Bonaparte was still alive and in power. For an inmate he befriended, he was there for 11 years before he arrived. But when that sailor escaped, he ran into some buried treasure that he was given. That changed his life forever, if he was gonna get revenge on the person who betrayed him. So with the help of a pirate friend, (before he was seen in Journey 2: The Mysterious Island) they were rich as he became a count. And with their ideas, they would go after the person who betrayed him years earlier. That was how this movie, based on that novel showed on how some hope, can set you free. As long as you are not those boys who changed differently in “Sleepers”. But there was one, that changed movie history for sure.

2. “The Shawshank Redemption”. From the novel by Stephen King, starring Tim Robbins, Morgan Freeman, James Whitmore, William Sadler, and Mark Rolston, they were all inmates in prison, as lots of hope can set you free. Nominated for many Academy Awards including Best Picture, this can be one to remember. This tells about two men, who became really good friends in prison. By avoiding trouble from the captain of the guards, portrayed by Clancy Brown, and the warden portrayed by Bob Gunton, they spent really great moments in prison. By tarring the roof, offering beer, playing music, rebuilding a library, teaching an inmate how to read, and many more, they almost spent 20 years there. Until finally, Tim Robbins as that banker who murdered his wife in the 1940’s, he escaped Shawshank prison. By digging a hole at the end of the wall, and crawling though a sewage pipe, he was free on that rainy night as he escaped. His friend left prison, and found him in Mexico, by the Pacific Ocean. They began a new life together, when they were reunited. What about Shawshank? After that escape and murder revealed, the prison captain was arrested as the warden committed suicide, before getting arrested. By blowing his brains out with a revolver. Pretty gruesome when you see it. So, with lots of that hope in you, this can really set you free from prison. And to a new beginning that you’ll appreciate.

1. “Naruto Shippuden: Blood Prison”. This is for all anime fans who love the entire “Naruto” series. From Shonen Jump, the prison they showed in this anime movie was way better. Bigger and stronger than Guantanamo Bay, Alcatraz, Shawshank, and many more, that can be a place where it’s totally escape proof. Cause for what happened in this for all Naruto fans, Naruto Uzumaki was accused for a crime he didn’t committed. So he was sent to that prison, lost his powers by the warden, and tried to escape. With the help of a friend named Ryuzetsu, who’s a female ninja, they try to find the person who accused him. And why he had the ability to disguise himself as Naruto. Until finally when this became a setup, all of Naruto’s friends came into action as they took on a massive fight. All against that rat in the house. However that was shocking, both Naruto and that female ninja almost died there. When they got badly stabbed. But they made it okay. However, when you are in that prison, there is absolute no way out of there. Not even one bit when you do. A prison like that, can change your really life. Than the ones you see that have been nominated for Oscar awards.

In conclusion, when you’re that blood prison, nobody ever goes in. Not even a visitor. And nobody ever comes out. When you’re trying to escape, but get killed.

So these are the best prison movies I count on the most. Than anything else. A prison can change your life forever if there is lots of hope in you. And you do not want to be killed there, when there is blood and ultra violence. Some of these are Oscar nominated, but I go for number 1# that’s my type in anime.

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