Hal Moore (1922-2017)


I nearly forgot about this Vietnam War veteran. But it was a good thing I remembered him. Like those Vietnam War heroes such as Si Robertson, Gustov Havord, and etc, he was famous in his time.

Thanks to the movie “We Were Soldiers”, with Mel Gibson, Sam Elliott and Barry Pepper, based on his novel “We Were Soldiers Once…And Young”, he and reporter Joseph L. Galloway faced the Battle of Ia Drang. One of the most devastating battles in the Vietnam War for four days straight.

500 men of his men went into battle as they faced 2,500 North Vietnamese troops. With massive casualties, he almost lost his entire legion when some were still alive and injured. The injured were bleeding badly, as they got sent to hospitals…stat. He even lost some helicopters there, as well as his best pilots. However he was congratulated for killing over 1,800 North Vietnamese Army and Viet Cong troops, after that massive battle.

He was Lt. Col. at that time, before he became Lt. General later on, in his life. And after he wrote his novel, he retired. No longer served in U.S. Army anymore. He then presumably saw that movie with Mel Gibson I believe. He even in fact, met Mel Gibson once or a few times I believe also.

Later in his life, as an old man, 3 days before his 95th birthday, he died at 94 years of age on Friday, February 10th, 2017. Died of old age. As dead as Mary Tyler Moore who passed away first in 2017.

We’ll never forget him, as well as other Vietnam War heroes who served their country, as they became famous also. Such as Joseph L. Galloway, Oliver Stone, Si Robertson, Gustov Havord, Dale Dye, R. Lee Ermy, and that handicapped Ron Kovic who wrote ‘Born on the Fourth of July’. They were Vietnam War heroes too, as well as he was.

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