It Ain’t Hay

Bud Abbott and Lou Costello, not only they faced the Army, Navy, Air Force, aliens or monsters, but went into horse racing. They together, were in horse racing so good, you’ll love it!!

In this musical comedy movie, that they are in, a very famous horse passed away. That everyone loved on. From a rich king and her daughter, they loved it more. So when Abbott and Costello as cab drivers, got into finding a new horse, they accidentally stole a racehorse. It’s name was ‘Tea Biscuit’ as it was a fine one to ride that horse. By entering that race, they were able to win $11,000. Not just a bet, but by bringing back that horse to its owner. So they were rich, as they’ll never forget this moment.

Along with them in this are Shemp Howard from ‘The Three Stooges’, Cecil Kellaway who was with James Stewart in “Harvey”, and Samuel S. Hinds who was with James Stewart also in “It’s a Wonderful Life”. That Christmas classic.

I’m giving this 9/10 stars on this Universal Picture, as they always loved Bud Abbott and Lou Costello. What about horse racing? It can show you a lot of comedy on that, thanks to these two that I thank on.

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