Deepwater Horizon

Based on what happened on April 20th, 2010, this Oscar nominated movie was outstanding. The Deepwater Horizon oil rig disaster, in the Gulf of Mexico. On how they were looking for black gold, when a massive overload struck. Oil bursted everywhere on that oil rig. Some of the fumes went in the ventilation shafts, as it caused a massive fire.

Mark Wahlberg and Kurt Russell got f***ed up for life in this enormous disaster. Along with them, is Dylan O’Brien from those ‘Maze Runner’ movies. And you should’ve seen for how they made it out.

Finally for what happened in this, looking for black gold can be very difficult. When you’re on an oil rig as we don’t want too much of that. So I’m giving this 10/10 stars. A straight ‘A’.

Also, John Malkovich was in this, as he saw the horror of an oil rig disaster. This will totally haunt them for life. But being covered in black gold can be a really bad idea. Especially when you’re in a fire on an oil rig. Patricia Clarkson for example, would be f****ed up badly, if she was covered by that, and was on fire. She’d burn to death anyway for a faggot old lady.

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