Kubo and the Two Strings

In August 2016, in that game TV show “Jeopardy”, they mentioned this movie. As they did a category on the studio, Laika. That stop frame animated studio who gave us “Coraline”, “ParaNorman” and “The Boxtrolls”. For how they do their work, and how long it takes to make a stop frame animated movie. 

Four months later on that channel, Turner Classic Movies in December 2016, before putting on “One Million Years BC”, Ben Mankiewicz interviewed the director on that movie. Travis Knight, as he says this is his first directional debut movie. For how he directed it, and how he made that into a masterpiece, as I am proud for what he did. Which is why I’m giving this 8/10 stars. 

This takes place in ancient Japan, as a honourable samurai was very powerful. His name was Hanzo. Like the name of ‘Hattori Hanzo’ from “Kill Bill”.

When three sisters came from the sky by a evil king, they once fought this warrior. However, one of the sisters, fell in love with him. They had a newborn son, but it came into rage when the evil king was pissed off to hear about this. 

So, while that woman and her son fled, Hanzo and his army fought him hard while she escaped. But it all came into a horrifying terror after Hanzo and his army died. That lady hurt her skull badly on shore, as the evil king took out one of the newborn son’s eyeballs. She named her son, Kubo. 

And what was left of Hanzo, was his samurai sword, his helmet and armor. So years later, as an eyepatched kid, Kubo was able to tell stories with power he was given. But when his evil aunts began to hunt him down, he went on a quest. To find the three pieces of Hanzo, and make sure this story gives a happy ending. 

Working with him are a gigantic beetle played by Matthew McConaughey who’s hilarious. And he’s even better than that animated movie, “Sing” that he’s in. And a Japanese snow monkey who wanted Kubo to be safe, played by the same actress who was the one armed woman in “Mad Max: Fury Road”. Charlize Theron. 

Art Parkinson is Kubo, as I appreciate for how he did a good job in this. Along with him besides those two, are Brenda Vaccaro, Ralph Fiennes, and a cast of others. 

It came to a good end as a grandfather of Kubo shall take care of him. The evil king was no more, as the evil aunts were dead. Kubo did lose his mother, the beetle and the monkey during the fighting. But a secret was told throughout the movie. 

Kubo shall remember his parents, for how gratefully they are. And how he should thank them very much. Also, even give them lanterns to honor on how they are, and how they onced lived in Japan on this Earth.

Like what I said, I give this 8/10 stars. And I thank the director who did this, very much for how this shall be a masterpiece in storytelling. 

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