15th anniversary of Digimon

When the news had spread about “Digimon Adventure tri”, across the internet to the entire planet, the 15th anniversary of Digimon began. Even in Tokyo, Japan.

I realized, it has been 15 years, since that anime TV series became popular. Along with more Digimon in new seasons. From those two adventures, to ‘Digimon Tamers’, then ‘Digimon Frontier’ and ‘Digimon: Data Squad’, they were amazing. When ‘Digimon Fusion’ came years later, it seems that the Digimon have gone into changes really. While we’ve aged very well. Maybe so.

And like Digimon, Pokémon went into changes also. By some ideas of the creators. Satoshi Tajiri himself. But I’m sure Digimon was the best anime TV series when they came to North America first. Before Pokémon and ‘Monster Rancher’ also. At the time when they were on Fox Kids mostly, before YTV hired them all.

I still think of the characters that were amazing. Such as the kids and the Digimon that they had. Sora, Kari, Joe and Mimi from the first series. Then came Yolei also in the second series. And the Digimon that they had were Hawkmon, Palmon, Gatomon, Biyomon, and Gomamon.

Then came Rika and Renamon. Pretty cool as foxy partners. Along with them are Terriermon, Lopmon, Jeri, Kazu, and Guardromon from ‘Digimon Tamers’.

In ‘Digimon Frontier’, the kids have the ability and power to transform into Digimon. That I admire. At first is Zoe. She becomes Kazemon as well as Zephyrmon, in her second form. Then there is Junpei, Koji and Koichi, and Takuya. They were pretty good, as I thanked YTV for putting that on.

For ‘Digimon: Data Squad’, a few more new ones came. Such as Lilamon and Yoshino, they were new. The same for Yuma. As they are still beautiful.

‘Digimon Fusion’? I admire just Cutemon, Dorulumon and Mikey Kudo’s mom. They were spectacular. And from that day on, that was when ‘Digimon Adventure tri’ was be born soon.

Ever since they were spectacular and good, so was ‘Digimon: The Movie’. Anime is still the best. As we’ll love Digimon as always. However, one day soon, Pokémon will come to an end also.

Even for Ash Ketchum to become a complete master, when he and Pikachu, are still alive.

So here’s to a happy 15th anniversary to Digimon: Digital Monsters. 🙂🙂

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