It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World

From director Stanley Kramer, this changed movie history. As it showed the biggest and funniest chase of all time. Spencer Tracy, Sid Caesar, Edie Adams, Milton Berle, Buddy Hackett, Mickey Rooney, Dorothy Provine, Dick Shawn, Phil Silvers, Terry-Thomas, Jonathan Winters, Eddie “Rochester” Anderson, Jimmy Durante, Jim Backus, Peter Falk, Paul Ford, Barrie Chase, William Demarest, Jack Benny, Joe E. Brown, Don Knotts, Buster Keaton, Jerry Lewis, the Three Stooges, and a cast of others were in this. For every one of these characters have learned their lessons together, after there were many movies I dislike for how they were, before being hired by Kramer. 

This in fact, won on Oscar award in the Academy Awards for Best Sound Effects. The same for “2001: A Space Odyssey” years later, when Stanley Kubrick deserved full credit on that award. 

It began when an very old criminal man was on the run. He was very, very old, as he couldn’t help himself while he was getting away from the police. However, when he crashed his car off of the highway, some people found the crash site. In his final words, he told them that there is a suitcase of cash. 

$350,000. Buried under four trees in a park, showing a big ‘W’ close to the border of Mexico. And by that, he kicked the bucket and was dead. 

That set off the chase. For the first person to make it there, wins it all. With those victims that witnessed the car crash site, they went by air, land and water to get and catch that $350,000. But when they found it, the police captain had set them all up as they got into a very big accident. They lost the money when the suitcase was opened, as the cash flew in the air.

It turns out to be a quest all for nothing on them when they lost the money. But for me, when they crashed, broke their bones, and were sent in the hospital, they deserved it. Like what I said earlier, before being hired by Kramer, they were in many movies I do not like them in. But this one, that made me, and both of my parents smile, they together  deserved and learned a lesson. 

So I’m giving this 7/10 stars. For this definitely made movie history in 1963. But already, five years from now in 1963, a new movie was gonna be created in 1968. For it can be ‘a madhouse!’ world, than a mad, mad, mad, mad world. Pierre Boulle’s, “Planet of the Apes”. And later, came Stanley Kubrick’s “2001: A Space Odyssey”. That made movie history also in 1968, as well as “Planet of the Apes” with Charlton Heston. 

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