Some Like It Hot

(Not the song by the Power Station rock band, but a 1959 movie)

From director Billy Wilder, Marilyn Monroe, Tony Curtis, Jack Lemmon, and Joe E. Brown were all together in this comedy-romantic movie. That I would recommend this is for old timers only. Who love comedy-romantic movies in black and white.

Two musicians, in 1929 Chicago flee from a crime boss. The only way to leave, was to be in disguise as women. By that, they got into a all girls band, that was heading to Miami by train.

When they were in Miami, there were a lot of twists going on. Especially love to be the most. But by the end, those two guys revealed themselves. As what Joe E. Brown said in the end, “Well…nobody’s perfect”. 

This movie won an Oscar award for Best Costume Design in the Academy Awards long ago. But this also won three Golden Globe Awards also. 

And after that, within those months before 1960, everyone were loving this. But already, a new motion picture was coming to the screen. A horror flick that was gonna change motion picture history. From that fat director Alfred Hitchcock…”Psycho”.

So on this comedy-romantic motion picture, I give this 7/10 stars. “Psycho”, I already did give it a good rate long ago. Even if I have to bash the head of Freddie Highmore in that TV show based on that horror flick. With a barbed wire bat and a Ithica stakeout shotgun I could use. When I get all ‘mad dog’ on him. 

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