Deep Impact

Related to “Armageddon”, “When Worlds Collide”, and “Seeking a Friend for the End of the World”, on asteroids, meteorites and comets, colliding into Earth, comes this space adventure.

Morgan Freeman, Robert Duvall, Elijah Wood, James Cromwell and a cast of others were in this, as it can show you, what can really happen when a comet hits the Earth. There was a Simpsons episode related to this, as a comet almost struck Springfield.

When a big comet was on a collision course to Earth, they named it, “Wolf-Biederman”. So by the U.S. President, they sent out a space crew to destroy it. And like that movie “Armageddon”, they were to go behind the comet, land on it, and put nuclear nukes inside it. So the spacecraft Messiah, did everything they can, but they ran out of time, as it turned out to be a failure.

Not only the nukes destroyed the comet, but was split up into two. A small part of the top that they nuked, and the big part that was the rest of it. And like that movie, “Seeking a Friend for the End of the World”, it was set to collide into Earth in a few weeks time.

However by the President, ‘mankind must move on’ is for what he said. So by an idea, like “When Worlds Collide”, that 1951 movie, survivors were to survive underground inside a mountain, as they were to take animals with them. And like for what happened in that 1951 movie, there would be a lottery, as there would be a chosen right amount of people. Finally as people would try to enter one by one, animals would come along two by two.

They tried firing missiles at both fragments, but came to no avail. The Messiah made a sacrifice as they destroyed only the second half of the comet fragment. The first part of the comet wiped out bits of Earth. Millions of lived were lost, as every major city and town were wiped out. But the Earth began to rebuild.

So I’m gonna give this 7/10 stars.

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