When Worlds Collide (1951 classic)

From producer George Pal of “Destination Moon”, comes this 1951 sci-fi masterpiece, from Paramount Pictures. The greatest shock to all mankind is when worlds collide. Written in the stars is a message of doom, for this planet Earth. Even if this happens on New Year’s Eve. So this can be a change in your lifetime when worlds collide.

By an astronomer, he checked and double checked this discovery. A extrasolar fiery star named Bellus as it was on a collision course to Earth. However, there was a new planet Earth that they could get there.

The astronomer tried to warn the United Nations, but they refused. They also even refused his offer to make spaceships. In order to carry the human race to carry from our world to the new Earth.

So, high on a mountaintop, an army of scientists started building this space ark. In order to carry a small portion of animals and survivors to a new life on that new planet. And when worlds collide, the Earth began to change when Bellus was on the approach. Tidal waves, erupting volcanoes, and massive earthquakes.

The people of Earth believed for what the astronomer was right about, as the Earth was on the brink of destruction. So on that final night, with Bellus getting closer and closer, by the hour before midnight, every selected passenger and animal boarded the Ark as the losers began to riot.

The only problem was, why were they wearing black winter caps as well as wearing brown winter hoodies? It wasn’t cold on that very night.

Until, came the most biggest spacecraft takeoff in film history. With the ark moving, it went down the ramp until it blasted off on the mountaintop. It made it off into space. Until, Bellus collided into Earth and was destroyed by midnight. On New Year’s Eve. It made it to the new Earth just before they ran out of fuel, when they were glad they made it.

This is very inspiring. Which is why I give this 7/10 stars on this masterpiece. Even if this does happen on New Year’s Eve to the end of the world, in the future, I always say these words on Earth…

After an old year ends, a new one begins.

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