Cleopatra (1963)

Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, Rex Harrison, Roddy McDowell, and Martin Landau together were in this 1963 epic and historical motion picture. This almost won an Oscar for Best Picture in the 60’s but lost when “Tom Jones” won. This in fact, was the most expensive film ever. However, this did won four Academy Awards. Which was good like how “Spartacus” was. When that won four Oscars in the Academy Awards.

48 BC, was when the Roman Empire invaded Egypt. Julius Caesar was in power, as he met the young Queen of Egypt. Cleopatra. They fell in love, had a child as they together, survived a few battles. When the Roman Empire were facing their foes.

However years later, after Julius Caesar was killed by his hateful politics, Cleopatra instead fell in love with Mark Antony. The new Roman Empire commander.

Richard Burton as Mark Antony, was what made Richard Burton very famous. At the time to his acting career. The same a bit for Roddy McDowell when he did that splendid act of his. When he, and all of Rome declared war on Egypt. The Roman Empire against the slavery land of Egypt.

And when the Roman Empire invaded Egypt and won, Mark Antony stabbed himself, as Cleopatra committed suicide, by letting a king cobra bite her arm. She was dead on the night they invaded.

With lots of dramatic scenes, fighting and everything, this no wonder won those four Academy Awards. For Best Costume Design, Best Special Effects, Best Cinematography Color, and Best Art Direction. So I’m giving this a ‘B-‘.

Finally, for what happened to Cleopatra in the end, it has been true that in ancient history, it was the king cobra that killed Cleopatra. Thousands of years later, South African herpetologist, wildlife photographer, film maker and author Austin Stevens, found the king cobra. The poisonous and venomous snake on the planet.

And once are bitten by the king cobra, the black mamba, the cottonmouth, the copperhead, the sidewinder, the Indian cobra, the black tiger, vipers, and spitting venom cobras including the black necked, victims like Will Ferrell, Freddy Highmore, Harvey Keitel, Michael Madsen, Tim Roth, Quentin Tarantino, and Tim Burton for example, would be fucked up for life. Filled with venom in their veins, they’d be dead in a matter of seconds.

Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones does have a phobia of snakes, but he still hates them.

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