Top 10 Eye Patched Anime Characters

Unlike the ones that has happened in North American TV, there are these anime characters I trust on the most. When they have eye patches on them. Some of these characters have lost an eye a fight. But there are some who have mystical powers within them.


10. Fye D. Flourite (Tsubasa). In a new adventure to that girl Sakura, she met this young man. As an alley to her friend with her, they have been risking their lives to stop a madman. By making evil clones. It risked him everything when he had lost his right eye in a fight. But he sure protected those heroes, when they had save the world. He was cool and happy at first when he had two eyes, but doesn’t mind the new look on him.


9. Lockon Stratos (Gundam 00). A fighter pilot who controls one of those Mobile Suit Gundam robots. He mostly at two eyes at first throughout half of the series. But when he got injured badly in a Gundam fight, he lost his right ‘best sniping’ eye. So by wearing a different eye-patch than the rest, he was able to have the courage to go back into fighting again. And he did after a few weeks. The way this character has the courage, he would never give up with two or one eye. Especially when he would try to protect the ones he would love on the most.


8. Ken Kaneki (Tokyo Ghoul). A college student who was attacked by a ghoul, and almost died, he had become like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Only like InuYasha, and those vampires in “Vampire Knight”, he is a half ghoul. For he keeps himself alive by eating human flesh. By wearing that facial zipper mask on him, he did had trouble with his eyelids while controlling those ghoul powers. Mostly on the left eye. Which is why at night, as Mr. Hyde, he wears that mask when his eyelids go red. But at day, like Dr. Jekyll, he wears that Japanese medical eyepatch. Like how Mei Misaki wears it in that anime TV series, “Another”.


7. Captain Harlock (Galaxy Express 999). This space pirate, deadlier than the Storm Hawks, has been told throughout many years in space, when galaxy trains were finally built. He was a military officer at first, before getting married. After his wife died at the hands of Earth’s alien conquerors, he lost his right eye in furious galactic battle. And after giving him that eye-patch, he got a new look with new clothing. By turning him into that deadly space pirate. With a space pirate crew and a humongous frigate, he did found a girlfriend he fell in love with. However, when Galaxy Express 999 was sabtotaged by evil, he was able to save that boy and fair lady from a queen of darkness. A romantic pirate for Maetel at first, but can be the fiercest pirate against his rivals.

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6. Jim Crocodile Cook (Yu-Gi-Oh GX) This expert geologist and paleontologist, had a pet alligator as he named her Shirley. He lost his right eye after saving her from a trap. Ever since that happened, he had grew fond of the ‘Yu-Gi-Oh’ card game that was going on. He in fact found something, that repleaced his right eye. A mythical cyborg eye. While fighting against bad guys, the monsters and saving his alligator, he ran into that beautiful Miss Alexis Rhodes. A girlfriend he would totally want, when he’s a one eyed ‘Crocodile Dundee’.


5. Mei Misaki (Another). Normally, it’s been rare for people to have heterochromia. One eyelid blue, and the other eyelid green. Or different colors. But this character is much fascinating. Cause she has one eyelid red, and the other green. She covers her left eye with a Japanese medical eye patch, to cover her green eye. It was a gift from her mother, when she was four years of age. Cause she had a disease in her, which made her lost her real eye. However, she was special throughout the series. For she is a good artist on sketching, she dislikes cell phones, as she met a friend who fell in love with. But was able to stop a strange phenomenon going around in the school. So with mystical powers in her, she was not a misfit at all.


4. Ciel Phantomhive (Black Butler). Far up north in the English countryside, comes this eyepatched kid. Like Kakashi from “Naruto”, his right eye has a violet pentagram, the sign of a Faustian contract he made with a demon a while ago. And by covering it with an eyepatch, he would make sure those mystical powers within him, don’t make him suffer. With his friends and butler, they have been going against demons in disguise as humans. So they won’t wreck havoc on our world.


3. Kaede (InuYasha). Kikyo’s younger sister. She wanted to be a priestess just like her. And be great in archery. It was at the time Kikyo was in love with InuYasha. However, when she was young, she was beautiful. But I do feel sorry for her for the way, she lost her left eye. In the episode of ‘The Tragic Love Song of Destiny’, she was in battle with Kikyo. Until attacked by a demon, she had her left eye scratched. She bleeded terribly, but was glad she was okay. She wore a bandage until Kikyo was dead, and InuYasha pinned to the tree. She became a priestess like her sister, as she wore an eyepatch for the rest of her days. An old one, as she became an old lady. That was when weeks later, it all came to the beginning when “InuYasha” started.


2. Toga Yagari (Vampire Knight). A teacher by day, but vampire hunter at night like “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter”, he does one thing he cares for. Killing vampires. By using a anti-vampire shotgun, he is a good marksman with one eye. He lost his right eye long ago, when a vampire scratched his face hard. It was when Zero was and his brother were young, before they went in their separate ways. He returned years later as a teacher. And by protecting Yuki, and the classmates at the academy, he was then ordered to kill Zero. When he was a transforming vampire. But Yuki wouldn’t let him. So he gave him mercy. He may have been killed by a vampire, but he deserves a new look.

1. Asuka (Neon Genesis Evangelion). One of the fighter pilots in those jaeger’s, in this hit anime series, as she is still the most bravest one. With her own two beautiful eyes. However on her last mission, he got injured badly. Her face was almost smashed from a bad object, as it almost crushed her skull. She made it out okay, but she lost her left eye. After she was recovered from the hospital, she wore an eye-patch for the rest of her days. She was serious against those kaiju’s, but she still has that smile on her. And I still love her.

Better and awesome than Snake Plisskin, Carl Grimes, the Governor, Frankie Cook, and the ones I did except for Dr. Daisuke Serizawa on my previous post, these characters in anime, can be really cool when they had eye patches on them.

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