105th anniversary of the first expedition to the South Pole


Today, shows an anniversary. For what happened 105 years ago. Like the movie “The Great Race”, and “Almost Heroes”, there were two teams. A Norwegian party and the British party. Their expedition, reach the South Pole in Antarctica. And that was the first expedition that has ever happened.

So today, is the 105th anniversary of the first expedition to the South Pole.

When you are trying to reach the North Pole and the South Pole, it can be very difficult. Achieve the impossible. Battle against the elements. And make there and come back alive. Like for what happened in those movies such as ‘Transformers’ a bit, and mostly, “Mary’s Shelley’s Frankenstein” in the 90’s. When Aiden Quinn and his crew were gonna be just like them.

But this did happened within these two rivalry groups. In 1909, American explorers Frederick Cook and Robert E. Peary, like Lewis and Clark, have already claimed the North Pole. So Norwiegan explorer Roald Amundsen, began to make plans to reach the South Pole.

It took an entire year to make it there. When their ship got trapped by the frozen ice, he and his crew began to walk on foot. Just before the British party can catch up. Lead by Robert Falcon Scott. During this race to reach the South Pole, the Norwegian crew lost three or four members when they froze to death.

Until…December 14th, 1911…105 years ago…Roald Amundsen was the first Norwegian explorer to make it to the South Pole. He and his last three members with their sled dogs, have finally made it. They raised their Norwegian flag as they won the race. The British party were surprised to see this, when they have lost. But it actually did happened.

By the time the news had spread across the planet, everyone were surprised to hear about this. Norway gave them a grand welcome homecoming as they returned home in 1912. Roald Amundsen years later, before he disappeared on June 18, 1928 and was never found again, he was able to reach the North Pole. He may not have seen Father Christmas there, but his goal was to reach the poles. And his first achievement he ever did, in his entire life, was to reach the South Pole.

December 14th, 1911 was when that happened. 105 years ago. As they’ve made it into history. And as we celebrate this 105th anniversary today, there will be one day perhaps, a grand movie about this. The greatest achievement that has been accomplished into history. Even if Canadian director James Cameron makes that motion picture that can win a lot of Oscars in the Academy Awards. Like how he did on “Titanic”. With the help of Warner Bros. perhaps to make that motion picture.

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