Deck the Halls and Battle of the Bulbs- BULB WARS!!!!

Between these two Christmas holiday movies, came battles of the bulbs. On who was going for best decorated house with many lights, and which house was gonna be seen in outer space. Those were “Deck the Halls” with Matthew Broderick and Danny DeVito, and “Battle of the Bulbs” with Matt Frewer and Daniel Stern. Four rivals, many battles, in two movies for one winner. And that, is what I like to call….BULB WARS!!!!

‘The first bulb war’ what I like to call was the big one, in the movie, ‘Deck the Halls’. Like WWI, between two rival enemies, they were going for which decorated house was gonna be seen in outer space. With lots of music, fireworks and Christmas lights, they want to be seen. As Danny DeVito was kicking Matthew Broderick’s butt a lot. But he’s definitely gonna have to pay a very big electric bill. For wasting a lot of electricity.

‘The second bulb war’ what I like to call was medium, as it happened in the movie, ‘Battle of the Bulbs’. Like WWII, two enemies have meet again, as they were going for best decorated house, for $5,000. A cash prize by the mayor. With many Christmas lights and sets, they were kicking each other’s butts. However, it does remind me of “William Shakespeare’s Romeo + Juliet”. As Daniel Stern was a Lord Montague, and Matt Frewer was a Lord Capulet. And they found out together, that Daniel Stern’s teenage kid was with Matt Frewer’s teenage kid, as the Romeo and Juliet themselves. Falling in love together.

But when these rivals found out for what they were doing, was wrong, they had to make a truce. And give it up anyway. Christmas is not about being at war with someone you hate, like how ‘The Hateful Eight’ was, directed by Quentin Tarantino. Christmas is how you would be with the people you would care for and love for, and spend the best holidays with them.

So, the bulb wars finally ended. And never again, waste electricity. David Suzuki would be not pleasant to hear about this, and two feuding neighbors, going for best decorated house with lots of Christmas lights. He would order them to shut them down immediately. For neighborly rivals such as these four, are definitely like the Montague’s and Capulet’s from the tragic story by William Shakespeare.

And as these movies are awesome, Matt Frewer and Danny DeVito were sure funny. Matthew Broderick however, did learned his lesson for sure.

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