Bleach (anime series)

This was on YTV long ago, late at nights, when they had lots of anime TV shows, as everyone loved this. Especially the manga books from Shonen Jump. Even today. 


With lots of action, sexy scenes, true romance, feelings, violence, blood and believing, this was way before that movie “ParaNorman”. As seeing is believing.

Ichigo Kurosaki is a hot headed teenager as he contains the power, to see spirits and ghosts. So when a person dies, and if they don’t go to heaven or hell, they become like how Patrick Swayze was I believe. A wandering ghost or spirit.

However, when a demonic spirit can possess these ghosts, they can become demonic monsters. Invisible to humans who are alive, but to Ichigo, he can see them. That was when he ran into a black haired girl named Rukia who is like him. So by teaming up together, along with others, they have been hunting and killing demonic monsters who are possessed. And make sure ghosts and spirits can go to heaven, hell or back to their bodies on Earth.

Many lives were killed in the carnage of this anime series. But they shall remain in heaven for sure. This is scary to little kids, but not for teenage adults.

From 366 episodes, to four movies and two OVA specials, this can be related to how InuYasha was. For a splendid anime TV series, I give this 9/10 stars.

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