Eddie the Eagle

This is not an animated movie, about an eagle named Eddie. This showed an actual person named Eddie, as he soared like an eagle. And not just that, he was a British ski jumper. As he participated in the 1988 Winter Olympics, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

In his entire life, he wanted to win, and be the very best in the Olympics. Like how no one ever was. When he couldn’t be better for the Summer Olympics, he got into getting ready for the Winter Olympics. And into skiing, he got into ski jumping.

Ski jumping can be the most dangerous part in the Winter Olympics. As you could break your bones. Or worse…die.

After many accidents, and getting himself hurt, he met a former champion. And by training him, from this friend, he got better. Until finally, he made it to Calgary, Alberta.

When he became very good, everyone started to love him. As Eddie Edwards became known as ‘Eddie the Eagle’. Finally, after jumping and flying high, soaring like an eagle, he won a few gold medals as everyone loved him.

He even had a splendid homecoming after that. In this movie are Taron Egerton, Hugh Jackman, and Christopher Walken. (Since he won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor in “The Deer Hunter”)

For this splendid movie on the 1988 Winter Olympics, 7.87 out of 10 stars.

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