Eddie the Eagle (real person) 

This is Eddie the Eagle played by Taron Egerton, in the movie based on the life of him.

And this is the REAL Eddie the Eagle himself when he participated in the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Just look at him. For he soared in the air, like an actual eagle. He made great British Olympic records, as everyone loved him a lot.

At age 52 before turning 53 in 2016, he was in an interview. For that movie made him cry really, as he really loved it a lot after seeing it. He said that long ago, around the late 90’s, he signed a contract, that there would be a movie on him. By any director who would do so on him. But as cinematography changed, as well as new technology, it took a while until now. And when he was on set, he believed really, its like looking in the mirror on himself, for how young he was in 1988. Finally, when he had tea and biscuits with Taron Egerton, they talked about how Taron would look just like how Eddie was. His accent, the uniform, the helmet, glasses, skis, goggles and moustache.

In fact in his interview, for as he can remember, he did some ski jumping with the Japanese ski team a lot back then. For that makes two of us. On how we are fond of them.

And for what I hear, he was in last place at the 1988 Winter Olympics. He may not have won gold medals, but the fans really loved him at lot. Cause his goal was to be there and participate very well. That is how I do, when I participate in competitions to maybe win a few prizes.

In conclusion, thanks to this music video, you would be thinking a lot about Eddie the Eagle really. When you start skiing.

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