Deck the Halls

Before “Battle of the Bulbs” with Matt Frewer, this was the movie that began the inspiration to that. With Matthew Broderick and Danny DeVito, they were the first rivals for best decorated house.

In Massachusetts, USA, two guys were being known as ‘Mr. Christmas’. But when they were going for ‘best decorated house’, the first bulb war began. (The second bulb war was the movie with Matt Frewer and Daniel Stern)

From bright lights to Christmas music and fireworks, they wanted to make their houses seen in outer space. And they did actually. Well, only one winner was. But you do not want to be wasting too much electricity. That can happen on your electric bill, but it’s like sucking the power out of many electric type Pokémon until they all run out of juice. A very bad way you would do to some Pokémon.

And as that happened, that first bulb war ended. But already, a new bulb war was beginning a few years later. The second bulb war. And when I watched that on TV, with my neighbor Matt Frewer, I myself, was the first person to see that happen.

For a Christmas holiday movie, a straight ‘A’.

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  1. Aunt Wanda

     /  December 4, 2016

    Love this movie, too! Puts me in the Christmas spirit.


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