The Christmas Orange 

This happened on Teletoon as I saw the commercials, with my own two eyes. When this was last seen, it was on the Knowledge Channel. The last known channel where “Sagwa: The Chinese Siamese Cat” TV show was on, before that got cancelled unexpectedly. I finally found this, since I heard about it a few times.

Born at Christmas time, a kid was having his birthday and Christmas at the same time. Until by Christmas morning, received a lousy orange from Santa Claus. The only gift given by him. No more, nothing else. So by sueing him, there was a reason why. Until there was a mistake that happened after that.

So by solving the problem, and fixing things right, that kid had change. And change is a good. By the end of this, he became a good boy as Santa Claus was back in business.

Thanks to this from the glory days of Teletoon long ago, I give this 8/10 stars. Recommended for the kids that love Christmas. And you won’t be recieving a lousy orange on the holidays.

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