The Night Before

Joseph Gordon Levitt, Seth Rogen, Anthony Mackie, James Franco, Michael Shannon, Miley Cyrus, and Tracey Morgan were all together in this 9/10 star Christmas movie I rate.

In 2001, a young adult lost his parents in a tragic car accident on Christmas Eve. With his two best friends, they are like a family to him ever since. Many years later, on their last night, they decided to spend their final Christmas Eve together by going to the biggest party in New York City. The Nutcracker Ball.

Before going to that place, they were on a few wild goose chases. How a grinch girl stole a few things from them, as it’s like that Dr. Seuss story, the first two ‘Home Alone’ movies, as many movie parodies of those in this.

With confessions of love in the end, he felt sorry for his ex-girlfriend for being selfish. As he decided to change after that. So she accepts his apology.

Since his friend is a popular star on a popular drink, and how the other was drugged up, they would never leave him. Cause they are his friends. And friends are always there for each other. I got that feeling, thanks to a movie I watched a while ago, and an actor who was a smoker in this movie.

With Miley Cyrus and James Franco as themselves, and sone hit Christmas music, this is a Christmas comedy movie to remember. Since “Merry Christmas Mr. Bean”. So like what I said on this good movie I rate, 9/10 stars.

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