The Red Baron (Deadliest Enemy in aviation WWI history)

Manfred von Richthofen. A German pilot in WWI, known as ‘The Red Baron’. For he was deadly enough, to take on Sopwith Camel airplanes in a single dogfight in his tri-plane.

However, before WWI ended, his fatality happened on April 21st, 1918. Injured in a dogfight, he was spotted by the Royal Air Force. Canadian pilot Capt. Arthur “Roy” Brown volunteered to go after him. When the Red Baron did his best and couldn’t give up, he was shot in the heart and lungs with a .303 bullet. He suffocated very badly, as he died when crashed down at last. For the Red Baron, was nevermore, the ruler of the skies.

Witnessed by the Canadians and the British, they buried him, as the Americans blew off shots in his funeral. For the skies were safe, and would never see another deadly pilot, ever again. The deadliest enemy of WWI aviation history.

This legend of him was told throughout these many years, especially to when we celebrate the 100th anniversary of WWI. And as that was told in stories, they also did some movies and cartoons that were good about him.

In the 1930’s, when Howard Hughes did the movie “Hells Angels”, that character of the Red Baron was in that film. As it shows how deadly he was, until he was shot at last.

By the beginning of the 1970’s, there were three more movies of him. “The Blue Max” in 1966 by director John Guillermin, Blake Edwards on “Darling Lili”, as Roger Corman did “The Red Baron” in 1971.

In 2008, then came the fourth movie about him. Based on his entire life. Despite to how everyone thought about him long ago, it would be something if they did a cartoon of him. That way, Blake Edwards would love that.

Which was why Charles M. Schultz, cartoonist and creator of the “Peanuts” and “Charlie Brown”, did one on him. From the pages he drew, to the imagination of that dog Snoopy in that ‘Great Pumpkin’ special, he was to find that enemy, and shoot him as hard as he can. However, he never did. He had his doghouse airplane damaged, and crashed. But never got him.

And when he and his work were getting popular, two music bands did songs on ‘Snoopy VS the Red Baron’. A normal one, and Christmas type. Which is why I found this that is interesting.

And furthermore, in an episode of “Get Smart”, that original TV show by Mel Brooks, Don Adams as Maxwell Smart was reading on his story work, as he ended up as a hilarious WWI pilot. When he had to take on KAOS agents, disguised as German WWI pilots, as they were using heavy bombs. He was shooting good on the machine guns, but was funny when he had to jump out of an airplane with a parachute.

The Red Baron has been dead for decades, but this is good stuff on him, as we celebrate the 100th anniversary of WWI, and him. For he was the deadliest pilot in WWI history.

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