Monster House

This Halloween animated movie from Colombia Pictures was so terrifying to kids, it was getting good. Which was why it was nominated for Best Animated Feature. But lost when the first “Happy Feet” movie won in the Academy Awards.

A cranky neighbor, suffered a heart attack as they say he was presumed dead. But he was so bad, he didn’t like how little kids would ruin his lawn with their stuff. Which is why he takes them away and breaks them apart. But there was something strange in his house he was living in.

Which was why two 12 year old boys, and a 12 year old girl were to investigate. When no one is around but them, the house comes to life. With the windows as eyes, a long carpet as a tongue, window blinds as eyelids, floorboards as the teeth, the door opening for the mouth, a hole inside the house as a food-pipe, a chandelier set of balls as the uvula, and the fire in the fireplace as the heart.

It never likes naughty kids, or bad people as it controls the entire property. For it controls upstairs, downstairs in the basement, the inside of the house such as the piping, as it also controls those big trees outside.

After a way to destroy it, the cranky neighbor returned as he was glad it was all over. For a spectacular Halloween movie, 8/10 stars.

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