The Amityville Horror (1979)

Margot Kidder, Murray Hamilton, James Tolkan and James Brolin, are the only stars I know, in this 1979 horror film based on the book by Jay Anson.

After a family was murdered a year ago, in Amityville, Long Island, USA, a new family moved in. After almost two months in that house, that has a scary face on the side, strange things began to happen. After almost 50 flies bothering them, three nightmares, an illness spirit as it warns people to stay away, to a bloody horror that they found out the truth, they left the house.And never reclaimed it, or their belongings. They lived in a new state in the U.S.

That real estate agent lady in the beginning, never told that new family for what happened. To the first family that lived there and died. And it shows a reason, why we would never live in a bad dream house that can haunt you. And take away your things.

So for a classic film, to watch over Halloween, I give this 7.8 out of 10 stars. Really good.


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