On the Town (1949)

Three years before “Singin In The Rain” was born, this was the first movie Stanley Donen did, along with Gene Kelly. This in fact, won an Oscar for Best Music Score at the 22nd Academy Awards.

Frank Sinatra, Gene Kelly and Jules Munshin play as three sailors as they spent 24 hours to check out ‘the city that never sleeps’. Along the way, they met gals, and sang great songs. Some of them are kinds similar, to the ones in that 1950 cartoon of ‘What’s Up Doc?’ with Bugs Bunny.

I prefer this movie, is for Frank Sinatra and Gene Kelly fans only. As they love their singing and dancing. And besides, old timers today love those guys.

What was funny in this, is how they were acting like cavemen in a museum. And second at Coney Island, to avoid the cops, they were dressed up as lady Arabian dancers. Beat that Mrs. Doubtfire!! And beat that, you Three Stooges!!

In all my life, I’ve never seen them dress up as women, until now. I wonder if they do another music video of ‘Dude, Looks Like A Lady’ with them in it.

So I give this 7.7 out of 10 stars.

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